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Garment Care Information

Garment Care Information


How should I care for this garment?


Once you have received the item, please thoroughly inspect the garment. If there are any major stains or damage to the garment, please notify us immediately. You do not need to notify us of general wear and tear as this is to be expected with hire garments.


  • Once you have worn the garment and prior to returning, please notify us of any stains and damage (even minor) so we can plan accordingly
  • If you need to steam the garment, please do so with extra care
  • Please do not iron the garment
  • If you wish to use fashion tape (e.g. Booby Tape), please contact us to check. Fashion tape can damage some fabrics and you will be liable if the garment is damaged
  • If you plan to use fake tan, you will be liable for the replacement value of the garment if stains cannot be removed so please exercise care.
    1. Do not use instant or one day tanning products.
    2. Please also make sure that the tan has developed in full. You will be liable for specialist cleaning to remove any tan marks. In circumstances where the tan marks cannot be removed, you will be liable for the replacement value of the garment
  • Please do not remove any tags, straps, or loose threads from the garment
  • Please do not use safety pins on the garment
  • Keep the inner postage bag and use this when returning the garment. This will provide an extra layer of protection and we can compost the biodegradable packaging at our studio
  • Please do not wash or clean the garment, we will take care of this upon it's return!
  • If the garment is damp for any reason and you are posting the item back to us. Please let us know immediately. If the garment is received back by us and is damaged by travelling damp (e.g. mould grows) then you will be liable for the replacement value
  • Please treat the garment with respect. We pour time, resources, and love into maintaining the quality of our designer pieces to provide affordable clothing rentals!


Please reach out to @rentclubau on Instagram or email if you require any assistance.